Software testing


Software testing - General

  • DevelopSense - Michael Bolton's (not that Michael Bolton) website about Rapid Software Testing and related subjects.

  • Satisfice - James Bach's website on Rapid Software Testing and related subjects.

Software testing - Coding



Technology - General

  • EE Times - Journalism on the  electronics industry.

  • Wired UK - For serious science/tech related news and articles.

  • Should This Exist? - Podcasts hosted by Caterina Fake (founder of Flickr, Partner at Yes VC) where creators of new technology are invited to give a journey into their thoughts on  what technology can do to us or for us.

Technology - Raspberry Pi

  • ModMyPi - Online store for Raspberry Pi and accessories.



Investing - Shareholder advocacy

  • ShareSoc - UK Individual Shareholder Society - ShareSoc are a shareholder advocacy group lobbying government and engaging with companies on behalf of individual shareholders.  They also organise special investor events and Master Classes where you can learn from experienced investors. Membership also provides discounts to various investor events and services as well as access to AGM notes contributed by ShareSoc members. 

Investing - Shareholder events

  • Master Investor Show - Listen to various guest speakers on investing and speak to companies exhibiting at the show.

My social media


  • Twitter - If you are interested in my ramblings on politics, technology, testing, the environment, economics, social justice, etc.

  • Instagram - If you are interested in photos, but not of me!

  • LinkedIn - If you are interested in my professional career.  Requires a LinkedIn account to view my full profile.



Environment - Ethical shopping

  • Watson & Wolfe - Cruelty free luxury wallets and travel accessories.

Environment - General

  • Katie Patrick - Environmental Engineer and author of How to Save the World.  Her unique perspective is on gamification and the use of technology to save the planet.

  • Drawdown - 100 solutions to reverse global warming.



  • NewsNow - UK based independent news aggregator service.

  • Project Gutenberg - Online library of free ebooks that are in the public domain because of expired U.S. copyright.

  • edX - Free online courses from universities and organisations such as Microsoft.