Who am I?


  • My name is Shafiq Ahmed and I was born in Pakistan.  I spent most of my childhood up until my early twenties in Birmingham.  I am now living in Cambridge and working for Roku as a Senior QA Engineer.

  • I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Systems from Coventry University.

  • In my spare time, I am also a private investor.

My expertise


  • I have over 15 years experience in the testing field from embedded devices, apps to turnkey systems consisting of applications, embedded devices, servers and GUI front ends.

  • My approach to testing is not tied down to a particular technique or methodology.

  • I can work from quote through to the planning and delivery stages of a project.

  • My focus is about the context of the project taking into account budget, complexity, time and quality of software to be delivered to the client or end user.

  • I have experience as a project test lead and can manage the testing process across a global multisite environment.

  • You can find my CV as a Test Engineer here

My interests


  • I have a general interest in technology which I combine my work, investing, history and economics.

  • I enjoy travelling and seeing new sites.

  • I enjoy taking pictures with my smartphone, and I particularly like the challenge of pushing my creativity with a camera that has limited capabilities compared to a standard/DSLR camera.  See my Instagram page and a selection of creative photos on this website for some examples. 

  • I am an active investor and currently learning about investing in pre-profit stock market listed companies.